We Like Laughter 

In early 2013 Greg Ash and Chris Ash felt there was shortage of LOLs. People weren't watching comedy anymore, they were too busy watching dramas. The laughter had stopped. They couldn't work out whose fault it was, maybe it was the guy who made Game of Thrones or maybe it was James Corden. Regardless, the Ashes couldn't let this continue. They would bring laughter back to the streets.

They quickly realised nobody is on the streets anymore, they're all on the internet. They would bring laughter back to the internet. 

Greg and Chris launched a Kickstarter campaign and placed their faith in the people. The equation was simple; seven thousand pounds in return for five comedy shorts. 

The people delivered and so did Chris and Greg. We Like Laughter was founded. The RevoLOLtion had begun.  

Since then We Like Laughter's videos have been screened internationally and in 2014 received recognition from the British Comedy Awards when 'Tony's Dojo' was long listed for the Best Internet Comedy category.

Greg and Chris are still creating comedy content for the channel today. (They're also still accepting funding) 

Visit the We Like Laughter YouTube channel here: We Like Laughter.